Mouse control

  Mr. Jinxed 19:31 25 Jun 06

I did look at earlier postings about other people's loss of mouse control but still have a problem. After some years on a laptop with no mouse, I'm using a desktop with old fashioned "tailed" mouse. It seems OK for a while then it won't go where I want it to go. It's as frustrating as a fairground grabbing game. I've tried all the obvious things I know -cleaning it, mousemat/no mousemat, magic incantations. And I've tried 3 different meeces. Is it the mouse? Is it me? Is there something more fundamental? I'd be pleased to recieve any pest control advice. I don't remember having problems like this before when I used a mouse.

  Curio 19:56 25 Jun 06

Uninstall it, re-boot and let Windows recognise it again. May clear the problem

  Mr. Jinxed 20:45 25 Jun 06

Sorry about any confusion; I thought I was on the same thread and thanks to VCR97 for getting me back. I was asking how to uninstall mouse. Fruitbat seemed to get the idea despite my gaffe. I have right moused the mouse in device manager, now it asks am I sure I want to remove PS/2 compatible mouse port from system? Is this the step I should take? Will it recognise if I unplug the mouse, plug it back in again and then reboot? Sorry to mess you around but I don't want to dig myself in deeper. Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:12 25 Jun 06

If XP then remove from system. XP will then find new hardware and reinstall it when you either Reboot or click Action memu -scan for new hardware.

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