Mouse alternative for the disabled ?

  amonra 14:23 26 Jul 12

I have recently installed a new computer for a relation who suffers with arthritis. I didn't realise how badly until she tried to use the mouse and was struggling to double click. Can any forum member who has had experience of this disability recommend an easier method of control ? Perhaps a ball-mouse or similar. I have never used one of these devices so someone else's expertise would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance.

  badhair1963 15:02 26 Jul 12

A cheap, but fiddly, alternative would be Microsoft Speech recognition, which is built into Windows 7, assuming that's what she's using.

  wiz-king 15:16 26 Jul 12

Most programs you can change to using a single click and you can also go into Windows settings and alter the folder options to make them single click; start > control panel > folder options.

Also you can adjust the mouse speed and click times; start > control panel > hardware and sound > devices > mouse.

I have use a tracker ball but was not over impressed with it but it was on a very old computer (Win 95) and they may have improved since then!

  morddwyd 20:01 26 Jul 12

I have arthritic hands and have used a track ball for years.

It depends very much on which digits are affected and how badly, for instance, those track balls where the thumb is used are useless for me. Also whether there are any wrist problems.

Can only suggest trial and error.

  amonra 22:46 26 Jul 12

Thank you all for your comments, and especially you morddwyd, you have confirmed what I suspected, that tracker balls are not for everyone. I am hoping to find local supplier who will possibly loan me one to try, but not very hopeful.I will tick as resolved but if there is anyone else with suggestions, please add..................

  morddwyd 09:56 27 Jul 12

Oh for the PM facility!

I have an old one gathering dust which you would be welcome to have!

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