mounting a new mobo

  Space Aware 18:46 09 Sep 06

When screwing down the mobo to the case, do I use the metal screws, or do i use the fibre washers provided with the new case?

Many Thanx

  Space Aware 19:25 09 Sep 06

Anybody know? Thanx in advance!

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:32 09 Sep 06

You need to use the metal screws with the fibre washers under the screw heads.

  Space Aware 19:33 09 Sep 06

Brilliant, thanx Mr Mistoffelees!!

  DieSse 20:26 09 Sep 06

I have always used the metal screws and no washers. Not all cases kits include washers, and they're not for insulation. In fact the motherboard ground planes (which is what the screws mate down onto) are supposed to be connected to the case in mt view.

The only thing that I beleive the washers are for is to prevent you tightening the screws too much and damaging the motherboard.

My recommendation (that I've done on hundreds of PCs that I've built) is not to use the washers - and snugly fit the screws, but not overtighten them.

However, I'm inclined to think it makes little dofference either way.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:49 09 Sep 06

On the other hand, I always use the washers to protect the motherboard.

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