Mottherboard ADVICE

  Greengo 16:36 25 Oct 04

Just installed my PCChips motherboard and now it won't boot up. Can anyone Help?

  ened 17:04 25 Oct 04

would probably get a better response.

  Greengo 17:09 25 Oct 04

Didn't get the whole of that message, please reply again

  ened 17:18 25 Oct 04

I would like more information about your problem: Is it totally dead, do you get BIOS? for starters.
First of all check all connections.

  Greengo 17:31 25 Oct 04

My System is totally dead, i can't get bios, i have checked all connections, any suggestions?
(PCCHIPS Motherboard M848A)

  Dorsai 17:32 25 Oct 04

A new AGP mobo tends to have a very stiff agp socket. If the graphics card has not been pushed in properly this can cause a failure to boot, but without more info (as requested above), such as model number or board, cpu type, etc, there are a whole host of other possible causes for this. (incorrect CPU type, Incorrect memory type, etc etc)

  sidecar sid 17:34 25 Oct 04

Check the cmos jumper setting is normal pins 1&2

  ened 17:46 25 Oct 04

When you say totally dead: Do you have power? Some boards need two connections from the power supply.
I think someonewould get to the bottom of the problem for you if you listed more detail.

  Greengo 17:50 25 Oct 04

Here is the info you asked for; Pcchips M848A Sempron 2400+ (1.66Ghz)(socket 462), Memory: 256MB, 266MHZ fSB, Graphics: Radeon Atlantis 9200 SE.

  Greengo 18:02 25 Oct 04

Sidcar, can you describe more what you mean?

  Greengo 18:13 25 Oct 04

I didn't give too much information wneh i first posted this topic for discussion, so here it is I hope you can help.
I installed my Pcchips M848A Motherboard along with a Radeon 9200E SE graphics card and Sempron 2400+ processor. When i first turned it on it the the heat sink and fan and the case fan were working fine. I was able to eject the CD ROM but I couldn't get the bios to boot on the screen. I checked all connection and then turned it by on. This time i had no power at all. Does anyone have any extra suggestions to help?

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