Motherboards /Processors

  luckie 14:04 13 Mar 03

Thinking of upgrading, but every where I look I am getting offered different advice s to what i the best Motherboard to use with the best Processor it would appear that the Athlon 2200xp, is regard as sufficient for most, and the motherboards are now complete, ready to install, could anyone offer their advice as to what they would recommmend, the use of DDR memory has also be mentioned as another way of helping to speed up things, any all advice appreciated

  powerless 14:10 13 Mar 03

click here and look down the right side.

AMD or Even Pentium 4, it does matter everyone has personal preferences, but they do the same thing.

AMD Athlon XP2100+ Processor

» 256Mb DDR Memory

» MSI-6712 KT4 Motherboard

» Heatsink & Fan

Total - £193.86 inc.vat

DDR Memory is fast memory, offers speed and reliabilty at an affordable price.

  mark e 16:07 13 Mar 03

try this click here

gives write ups on all the latest boards.

  pj123 22:49 13 Mar 03

Try this site and click on bundles - might have something you like click here

  luckie 21:54 14 Mar 03

Many thanks, for information,has anyone any personal experience of best performance, Motherboard/processor, within a reasonable budget

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