Iceman1978 23:20 24 Jul 03

Is it correct that most modern motherboards don't require spacers between the case and the mobo and that they can be screwed straight to the computer case, without blowing up all components. Im asking as my machine keeps crashing & it only happens when playing games or running a virus scan. The only link I have is that the motherboard temperature increases overtime when doing these tasks, the cpu temp is fine. I have spacers between the case and mobo. Could this cause heat build up on the motherboard?

  Bodi 23:22 24 Jul 03

I don't think it's a good idea to screw the motherboard directly to the case without "spacers", but I may well be wrong. Would have thought that doing this could well risk shorting out the motherboard.


  Bodi 23:23 24 Jul 03

Have you thought of reviewing your cooling system? A couple of case fans - one extracting in the rear and one sucking in from front, may solve the problem.


  Iceman1978 23:38 24 Jul 03

I thought at first it was a cooling issue, but at the moment I have two fans & a extracter fan on a pci slot, and Im using the PC with the side off at the moment as well. Im thinking it could be linked to my psu as I have 2667 processor 2 hard drives two CDRoms, 1 gig ddr2700, FX5200, sound card etc. Im currently using a 350w power supply. I thought it might be the gfx card, but it can also crash while in windows, so I don't think thats the problem, I have also used diffrent types of memory. My motherboard temp when surfing the net stays at a steady 34c, put when running games or virus scans it can slowly rise upto about 50c. The processor temperture, only goes up to around 38c, which is well within its limits.

  woodchip 23:48 24 Jul 03

No the big problem is "games" get a nintendo

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