Motherboard USB connection

  diy 22:51 12 Mar 05


Have installed an old Chaintech A1A5E motherboard in a new tower with front panel USB ports.

Everything works but there is not enough detail in the manual about motherboard connection CN11.

Is this connection for the tower front panel USB?

If so, what connections go where?

The chaintech website support is as good as the manual.


  bremner 07:40 13 Mar 05

Looking at the manual on line (Chapter 2 page 18)

CN11 is a USB header and you can connect your front panel USB ports to this header

  Gongoozler 09:13 13 Mar 05

Hi diy. One problem you will come up against is that there is no standard for the motherboard USB header pinout. If you get it wrong you can quickly wreck the motherboard and/or any USB devices you connect. If the motherboard manual doesn't make it clear which pins perform which function, then your best bet is to get a cheap digital multimeter. Getting the data+ and data- pins mixed up won't cause any damage, but getting the Gnd(0V) and 5V pins connected to the wrong places can cause immediate disaster.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:31 13 Mar 05

Gongoozler is right!

E-mail me using the yellow envelope and I'll send you a word doc with the Pin Out arrangements for different boards

  diy 13:39 13 Mar 05

Thanks, but the manual has no detail where to connect VCC 1, VCC 2, Ground etc. on this header.

As Gongoozler says the wrong connection would be disaster for anything connected to the USB.

Like the idea of the multimeter but will wait and see if anything black and white comes from Fruit Bat.

Thanks for your help

  diy 17:51 13 Mar 05

Excellent info from Fruit Bat, checked pins with multimeter, connected and working ok.

Many Thanks

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