Motherboard test util

  explicitlyrics100 22:10 11 Feb 05

Hi, I had a problem with my computer randomly turning off last tuesday and it messed up my computer no end. No safe mode... etc etc... anyway eventually fiddled and got into windows. Does anybody know a program to test for a damaged motherboard? Im sure my CPU/RAM/HDD are ok.

Thankyou very much :)

  harps1h 22:45 11 Feb 05

it's doubtful if this will let you know what is wrong. your system could turn off for one of many reasons. you need to be more specific as to your system setup so we can diagnose what your problem maybe. the main reason as far as i can tell for random shut downs is heat. have you done any overclocking to your system? if not then we will look elsewhere

  explicitlyrics100 10:19 12 Feb 05

It turned off after I plugged a fan in. My computer did not do anything for a couple of days, then with windows reinstalls and variious cards removed it just about gets into windows. I have now got it to reliably work, and it fails as soon as I put the IDE RAID card back in.

I am pretty sure the motherboard/ide card are to blame, I was just after a program to determine whether my suspicions are correct.


  harps1h 10:00 13 Feb 05

is there anyway of testing the card away from your machine. a friends possibly? or try a different card in the slot to see if it causes problems. was the computer running when you plugged the fan in?

  fuzzyone 10:06 13 Feb 05


as this all happened, after, you installed a fan, I could hazard a guess, that the problem may be with your psu.

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