Motherboard question

  DMAN 19:33 13 Mar 07

I want to build a newish computer and recycle some old parts from other pc. I know i can use my dvd drives, cables and other little bits but my concern is the case.

There is an old celeron 1.7ghz socket 478 processor in it with fan but motherboard is broken. I would like to use the case again and get a new processor but with all these new processors and motherboards on market i'm not sure what all these different socket sizes mean.

Will any new motherboard fit the case I have or am I missing something?

Help please.

  ICF 19:47 13 Mar 07

You need to gives us more info.

What motherboard was in the case?
What case is it?

  skidzy 19:51 13 Mar 07

That spec is exactly what i rebuilt before xmas (socket 478) was this an Emachine by any chance.

  DMAN 19:52 13 Mar 07

don't know unfortunately....u see i don;t have it at home. It's at work. Didn't think of taking that information.

  DMAN 19:53 13 Mar 07

I think it is an emachine actually. I can't be certain but that rings a bell.

  citadel 19:54 13 Mar 07

478 is the number of pins on the cpu it needs a motherboard with a 478 socket so they fit.

  DMAN 19:57 13 Mar 07

I would like to get a faster processor. I'm not intending to use the one that is there. would like a new one. Just worrying about the case.

  karmgord 20:04 13 Mar 07

check out the psu is up to the job of powering a newer more powerful cpu and graphics card

  skidzy 20:05 13 Mar 07

If the same as the one ive done,its a micro atx case upgradable to a Pentium 4 3 ghz but would need more details of the proposed motherboard to verify the cpu.

You would probably be better buying a bundle from someone like Novatech .. just an idea click here

  DMAN 20:10 13 Mar 07

I was looking at these bundles and was going to buy from them. So if i did would i need to worry so much about it fitting the case?

  skidzy 20:14 13 Mar 07

Yes,if its the same case i had and the specs you have posted suggest this. (mine was a Celeron 1.7 478) it is a Micro atx case so therefore needing a micro atx motherboard.

Thing is,buying the bundle from Novatech or similar,they test the package first.You will need to check your ram is compatible.

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