Motherboard and processor FSB

  Base Delta Zero 20:29 21 May 05

I have an old pentium 4, with a 400mhz bus. The motherboard manual, says it can take 1.5~ 2ghz northwood or willamete, but its an old manual. Do you think it would be possible to put any p4 in it, as long as it's got 400mhz bus and doesnt have HT?

  gudgulf 20:36 21 May 05

Check with the motherboard manual what cpu socket you will have more choice of processor if it is socket 478(as opposed to the earlier socket 462).In any event you may be looking at the likes of ebay to find a new 400MHz P4 processor of any speed as they are obsolete now.

  Base Delta Zero 20:41 21 May 05

yeah its 478 socket. I just wondered if there is an actual limit to the clockspeed on motherboards.

  gudgulf 21:12 21 May 05

I would imagine any 400fsb P4 would run but might not be correctly identified by the BIOS.It might be possible to flash the BIOS to give you a wider range of cpu support.

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