Motherboard Identification

  Barty Boy 10:13 12 Oct 03

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with identifying a motherboard. A friend as asked me to upgrade his system a little and I can't identify the motherboard. It has no visual markings with a number I can search for, I have tried the 'aida32' software and this can only tell me that the board is a 'Whitney System CR Platform?' The board has a Celeron 700MHZ processor and I do know that the BIOS is 'Phoenix' version N°6. I have been told that you can fine the motherboard number from the 'Post Screen' in the bios but can't find this?? Can any one shed any more light on my quest for the motherboard number/manufacturer so I can see its Spec?

  bremner 10:18 12 Oct 03

Whitney is the name given to Intel 810 Chipset click here

  Gongoozler 10:19 12 Oct 03

Barty Boy, See if this helps you click here

  Megatyte 10:24 12 Oct 03

Try Mobo tools at..

click here


  SEASHANTY 10:43 12 Oct 03

The Belarc Advisor identifies my M/B maker and board number. Try it. Download it from click here and it uses the microsoft I.E. browser.

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