Motherboard and graphics card

  malaika 21:00 09 Feb 07

i recently bought a new motherboard, assuming my graphics card would be compatible, which it isn't! the motherboard is foxconn NF4SK8AA-8EKRS and the graphics card is radeon 9550. I don't want to lose any spec on either, but am willing to compromise a little on the motherboard. would it be better to buy a PCI-E card, and stick with this motherboard, or exchange the motherboard for one with an AGP slot? can you recommend a card or motherboard to buy?

  andrew-196854 21:09 09 Feb 07

if it was me i would buy a pci e graphic card as the agp is out of date now as which for a graphic card it depends on your budget ?

  Totally-braindead 22:51 09 Feb 07

Its swings and roundabouts. The thing is PCIE cards are a bit cheaper than AGP and theres more choice. From an upgrading and keeping the computer for a while point of view a new graphics card would be a better option. You could get something at least as good as what you have for perhaps £40 on PCIE. If you buy a £40 card then it'll be fine but if you decide to go for a better card then you may find, if you don't have a good power supply that you need to buy a new one as they need an extra power connector.
A cheap one that would do you and wouldn't need more power would be something like this click here or this click here . I would double check they don't need an extra power connector before purchase though just to be safe.

  shazza65 18:01 05 May 07

I am having a new computer built and am starting to buy the bits. Only really use computer for internet and burning CD/DVD's so don't need high speed graphics.

I want to have an AMD dual core chip, not sure on speed yet with 2GB of RAM.

I have been looking at the two motherboards listed above but can't decide which one is best. I understand the Asus has on-board graphics so that is OK, however, don't know about the Gigabyte, have looked for a graphics card for it but can't see anything listed for a GeForce 6100 (still bit of a novice).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 19:53 05 May 07

shazza65 this is someone elses posting and its also closed. Start your own thread.

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