Motherboard Failure?

  AndySD 09:40 15 Jan 09


The PC stopped and there was no boot at all. I tried removing all but 2 syicks ram and one graphics card and one hard drive, then swapping the componants about, still not even a sign of life.

Replaced PSU, pc boots for up to 5 mins then just dies. No error messages. Tried in the basic config and swapping componants about, also kept watch on temperatures. Still dies.

Any ideas before I order another motherboard?


  johndrew 09:47 15 Jan 09

Can you get into the BIOS screen?

  AndySD 10:06 15 Jan 09

Yes, it boots into windows as well ...then just turns off.

  johndrew 15:25 15 Jan 09

I would think it is unlikely to be motherboard. Have you considered overheating of something that you can`t monitor?

Can you start in `Safe Mode`?

You could also try booting from CD (XP or ATI recovery disk?) and see if the PC continues to run, if it does then try running sfc/scannow to check for damaged missing files. If that fails try a repair.

  €dstowe 16:02 15 Jan 09

Are the fans working (when it goes), especially the CPU fan?

  AndySD 16:12 15 Jan 09

All the fans are running. CPU max temp 46.
Cuts out in safe mode.

  Incony 17:48 15 Jan 09

Replaced the PSU with what?, same type / rating or better one?

  AndySD 17:55 15 Jan 09

The old one was enermax 620w the new one is Corsair HX 1000W

  Incony 17:56 15 Jan 09

Also, does the PC cut out with all peripherals removed except the monitor?

Is the monitor known to work without fault on another PC?

Have you tried disconnecting internal ancilleries like DVD / CD units, external card interfaces,LED units... anything that might cause the PSU to cause overload sense..

Are all your psu cables new?.Is the monitor cable new?

in the process of eliminating the cause, write down everything you do. be specific.

  AndySD 18:06 15 Jan 09

Removed sound card
Removed second Hard Drive
Disconecetd one dvd
Took out 2 gig ram
Removed one graphics card
Still just switched off
Tried graphics caed in other slot then tried the other card in both slots.
Swapped ram to othe slots then tried other pair in both.

Tried with other DVD drive.

All psu cables new.

Monitor only 2 months old and works fine on second pc.

  Incony 18:52 15 Jan 09

If you are certain that physical dermination isnt the cause, and i could even suggest that the bios battery or its memory may be at fault, removal and replacement can determine that.. but caution is required, and knowledge, then it comes down to software.
Drivers,particularly the graphics card.

when the system is rebooted, are there any error messages in in the control panel- Admin Tools - event viewer?

control panel - Admin tools - computer management - device manager?

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