Motherboard dead or alive?

  rdh660 17:25 20 Aug 05

This might sound like a daft question but is there any way I can tell if a motherboard is at least 'live' when it is connected without a CPU beng fitted. I obviosly realise that it won't boot up or anything like that but will there be no response at all or way of telling to indicate that the motherboard might be receiving power.
I ask because I have been given an old slot 1 board in a case but no cpu. I don't want to go to any expense if the board is 'dead'.

  961 17:28 20 Aug 05

You may find the odd red pilot light and if a fan is fitted that may run. But a) ensure all the voltages are correct and b) can you find a slot ptocessor anyway?

  rdh660 17:36 20 Aug 05

Thanks for the quick response.
The board is a GA-6WMM and shows nothing when I connect the PSU without a processor. Maybe I will try to get hold of a slot 1 processor just to try it. It's just that the board etc is so old that I do not want to spend a lot of time just to find it is dead. Thought there may be a way to see if it was at least 'live' when connected to mains.

PS sorry about the poor typing in the first message... I can actually spell 'being' and 'obviously' etc.

  woodchip 17:41 20 Aug 05

If it's slot CPU then you may as well bin it. You may get a CPU from a Computer Fair but doubt it being worth it

  rdh660 17:44 20 Aug 05

I think you are probably right Woodchip. The cost and time it will take me doesn't seem worth it when I consider the poor 'spec' I will end up with anyway...... that's if the board is OK in the first place !!

Thanks all.

  Stuartli 19:45 20 Aug 05

Plenty of Slot1 Pentiums on e-Bay at reasonable prices.

  Stuartli 21:29 20 Aug 05

This is where I bought my PentiumIII and mobo after discovering the outlet by chance on e-Bay:

click here

The link is to various Slot1 Pentiums which owner Gary Lindop is currently stocking; he offers an excellent and very reliable sales and after sales service.

  rdh660 10:18 21 Aug 05

Thanks for all the advice everyone. Long live the forum.

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