Motherboard Bundle-permanent hard disk LED light

  Greengage 10:41 22 Jul 04

Because of problems I have been experiencing(a former thread on this forum refers)I purchased and installed a new motherboard bundle including processor, memory, cooling fan and graphics card. I spent many hours on Tuesday installing this and when completed the PC worked! However, the Hard Disk LED light remains on permanently and I recall that when I first bought this computer, it had to be returned to have a new processor installed because I was told that with the light on all the time, it meant that the CPU was "expired". It could be that I have connected incorrectly the front panel wires to the connecting pins on the motherboard but should I be concerned. The PC is working although I note that the motherboard temperature is running at 53°C and had been on one occasion in excess of 60° with the CPU at around 40°.

  Gongoozler 11:05 22 Jul 04

The hard drive light shouldn't be on all the time, but if everything else is working normally, I think it is quite possible that you have a connector wrong, it's easy to do with the front panel connectors. Is the power led on permanently as well? Perhaps you have got them swapped over.
The led being on permanently isn't a problem in itself, only if it is indicative of another fault.

I have never heard of an "expired" cpu causing the hard drive led to be permanently on, unless there is something else wrong at the same time. Usually a dead cpu results in the computer not even booting.

I am suspicious of those temperature figures. What are you using to measure them? The cpu usually runs about 10° higher than the motherboard, not the other way round. A cpu temperature of 50° to 60° is normal, and after a time of running the motherboard temperature would normally be about 10° higher than the ambient air temperature.

  Greengage 15:36 23 Jul 04

Thanks Gongoozler - sorry for the delay in getting back. Yes, I had the connectors wrong and now the power led is on ( I had not realised it had been off!) and hard drive light is reacting normally. However, CPU running at between 19° and 40°C with motherboard at 48°C.

  Gongoozler 15:45 23 Jul 04

What are you using to measure the temperatures?

  Greengage 12:45 26 Jul 04

Aida 32.

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