freetalk 19:15 20 Jan 07

are there any single pci-e motherboard with good specs
i will only be using one card only

  User-312386 19:21 20 Jan 07

whar are you going to use it for?

  keef66 19:24 20 Jan 07

there are dozens. Decide on a processor first, that will determine what socket type you need, then decide what other features you need on the motherboard.

  freetalk 00:53 21 Jan 07

already have the cpu,athlon 64 4000
my use is definately not games,beside that i use it everything else

  User-312386 16:16 21 Jan 07

what socket is it?

  freetalk 19:20 21 Jan 07

socket 939

  woodchip 19:25 21 Jan 07

Make your choice, click here

  freetalk 00:44 23 Jan 07

can u recommebnd one

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