The most visited website in the worlds is?

  powerless 22:25 17 Aug 03

Well does anyone know, i am fascinated to know...

I having a feeling it's google.

I'm aware of click here but in order for them to have a list you need ther toolbar which will send back stats. So the people who do not have the toolbar will not be included.

  powerless 22:27 17 Aug 03

well, the world.

  Forum Editor 22:27 17 Aug 03

  Forum Editor 22:30 17 Aug 03

the official statistic:-

About 40 million unique users, on average, visit every month, generating about 800 million total page views.

  Ironman556 22:42 17 Aug 03

Is that the Alexa that's in Internet Explorer? I'd guess there'd be a few connections to the Alexa site, but does that count as a visit to the website?

  jakedawe 22:54 17 Aug 03

I don't think I'm atypical, but I might visit Google up to 10 or more times a DAY and Microsoft maybe once or twice a MONTH. That might indicate that Google gets a few more hits than Microsoft.

  Forum Editor 23:20 17 Aug 03

the world's busiest corporate web site, but if you count search engines as 'sites' in the way that I think Powerless meant I think MS would win hands down. All search engines get huge numbers of requests, and Google says that it processes more than 150 million searches a day. The true figure is probably far more than that - the company runs on 10,000 servers, and that's a lot of computers.

  powerless 23:26 17 Aug 03

THe MS WU part of MS i'm sure has had a peak and broken the records, due to the Blaster thingy.

Yes a search engine whislt there is a site. It is a search engine so its bound to have a huge number of visitors......searching!

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