Most Reliable Antivirus Programme?

  manrow 29 Jan 13

Having recently purchased a new laptop, I received opinions from megastore and small independent retailer that AVG was no longer necessarily finding virus intruders. Has anyone experience of this, and if so what did you change to?

  northumbria61 29 Jan 13

I have used AVG (paid for versions) for a number of years now and I wouldn't change. Does the job for me but it is down to personal choice and no doubt you will get other recommendations on here.

  EFC1878 29 Jan 13

i use Avast and have been very pleased with it

  spuds 30 Jan 13

I have used the free versions of AVG for a number of years, but then about four/five years ago, decided to use the free versions of Avast with regular updates on all my computer's. Never had any problems, and would recommend this product to anyone.

If it does the job, and for free, and as a wide choice of recommendations, then why not use it?.

  onthelimit1 30 Jan 13

I've used MSE for years. However, interesting that when I tried to install it on my new W8 PC, was told that it's not compatible and that the Windows Defender (pre installed) is sufficient! So I put on Avast! free.

  Chronos the 2nd 30 Jan 13

+1 for Advast.But the best defence is be careful what you download and particularly careful what you open sent to you as an attachment in an email.

  john bunyan 30 Jan 13

I use free Avira on one PC and MSE on another. No problems.

  Secret-Squirrel 30 Jan 13

Following on from Jock1e's post regarding test results from the trusted and reputable German security firm AV-Test, here's their latest report for home anti-virus products. As you can see, AVG 2013 still scores very highly in the Protection tests so I still have confidence in that product.

  Strawballs 30 Jan 13

I used to be totally anti anything Norton, but since doing the Beta test on the new Norton 360 I am a convert and now run it on all the windows machines in the house.


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