Most folders are not showing anymore (Win7)

  Takeshi-Fujimoto 01 Mar 12

Hi, most of my folders are not showing anymore, I've checked the "Show hidden files and folders" in folder options, it's not that. I suspect it could be 1) The Ultimate Windows Costumizer messed it up 2) Rainmeter messed it up or 3) A virus scan/removal resulted in this (it removed a few Trojans). I've used registry error repair apps, tried numerous stand-alone-virus fixers but I still can't get my system to show me all the folders. They physically are there, they take up space and all, I can access them from Run but the Explorer is just not showing them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone in advance.

Takeshi Fujimoto

  finerty 01 Mar 12

have a read here


hope it helps. im sure someone will have a better solution

  Takeshi-Fujimoto 01 Mar 12

"I've checked the "Show hidden files and folders" in folder options, it's not that"

  Nontek 01 Mar 12

Have you tried a System Restore, back to before you had the virus problem?

  robin_x 01 Mar 12

Also make sure 'Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) is not checked

Unhide.exe may be worth a try too.

  Takeshi-Fujimoto 02 Mar 12

@Nontek System restore only shows me what happened 3 days ago but this is actually the 5th day I'm having this problem so that point in time was not register but thanks anyway

@robinofloxley both of your suggestions didn't help but thanks

  rdave13 02 Mar 12

Try running the system file checker. In the search box type CMD. In the list right click CMD and select 'run as administrator' In CMD type sfc/scannow. You might need to run it mor than once if it shows a problem. If nothing showing then have a look at this, click here.

  buteman 02 Mar 12

If nothing else works maybe give this a try.

I have never used it so cannot comment on it but it fixes quite a few things after being infected with trojans etc.


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