more tv buffering

  bothy 21 Jan 11

Got new dell laptop. Plenty of memory 4gb/500gb.
When i run bbc iplayer no problem. When I run skyplayer I get constant buffering. I don't understand. Why does that happen? Is sky (not hd) using adifferent broadcast system? Do I need additional equipment? Tks

  Terry Brown 22 Jan 11

It all depends on how much bandwidth Sky is using.

E.g. If you have a 4" water pipe and you have 10 people using it, all will get a get a good supply, however if 100 people are using the same pipe, each will get some but at a slower rate.


  wee eddie 22 Jan 11
  bothy 22 Jan 11

So, in reality, does that mean that few people can stream live sky continuously without buffering or is it a function of where you live eg great in the Highlands but rubbish in London? I wanted to watch golf live on my laptop but buffering drives me crazy. How can I download live and watch later?

  john bunyan 22 Jan 11

In effect you want to use your PC as a HD or DVD TV recorder. On my desktop I have a built in TV Tuner and use the Media Centre function to record normal Freeview HD. Not sure what OS you have - I have W7 Ultimate on my desktop. On my laptop I have W7 Home Premium. On my laptop I have a USB TV dongle that works best plugged in to my roof aerial, but has a small aerial also. I can record TV on that via the freeview TV Dongle.My solution only applies to Freeview, not Sky or iPlayers.


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