More space needed on D

  redsusan 09:55 16 Dec 08

I keep getting a pop up telling me i am running out of space on D. I have vista and i'm not sure how to get more space or how to delete old files.
I know i did it on XP .
Can you point me in the right direction please.

I have run Ccleaner and Winaso reg cleaner.


  iscanut 09:58 16 Dec 08

Can you let us know the size/capacity of your Hard Disk plus the size and free space on your Drive C

  redsusan 10:16 16 Dec 08

Local Disk C 21.4GB free of 69.0GB
local disk D 4.13 free of 69.9GB.

Hope thats what you mean.


  canarieslover 11:57 16 Dec 08

You can move some of the data files from your D: drive onto your C: drive. What sort of files do you keep on the D: drive? Photos, music, old e-mails,etc can all be burned to DVD for archiving if you are not using them. If everything that is on the drive is needed on a regular basis then either install a larger drive, and copy files onto it, or get an external drive to give you more space.

  rosalinebenson 12:17 16 Dec 08

Nut's i think you should try disk clean up. I know you have used so of the other programe you stated above for the same purpose.. But give it a go.. might u get the things fixed

  redsusan 12:46 16 Dec 08

Ok really dumb question but how do i find out whats on the D drive? maybe i could delete some things off it

  redsusan 12:55 16 Dec 08

Have tried disk clean up as well, didn't make any difference.

  canarieslover 13:45 16 Dec 08

You will need to use Windows Explorer in the same way as you did with XP. The interface has changed somewhat but you should still be able to find your way around. Some help available on use from click here._

  mooly 13:59 16 Dec 08

Click the start orb and select computer, then right click the D partition and click explore.
If you run disk cleanup (from properties) be sure to click the more options tab when it's told you what you can free up, and click delete shadow copies. This will delete restore points on the D partition and should free up a lot of space.
Any files you see in "explore" you can delete if you are sure you don't need them.

  Quiller. 14:13 16 Dec 08

Use treesize free. it works on vista and you can select any drive. It will tell you what size your folders are and you can expand all the folders to see what is in them.

it works from the largest files to the smallest.
click here

  redsusan 16:06 16 Dec 08

mooly did what you said but when i run disk clean up it says 0 bytes to be gained.

when i scan with treesize 13,366 MB is taken by samsung Recovery, how do i get some of that back please, all other files are empty ,so at least i know where my space is going

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