More RAM neded????

  Fatbelly 18:13 19 Nov 06

I want to get some more RAM.
I currently have 512 Mb RAM split between two slots, I ran BelArc and it says I have two unused slots. What is my best option? Should I get 512 Mb for one slot making 1Gb in total or should I get a 1Gb of RAM making 1.5 Gb in total.
I have recently started playing PC games and my current set up doesn't seem enough for the RAM hungry games.

Also is the installation of the RAM relatively easy, is it a job that you can do at home (I have a friend who has knowledge of PC building).
Many Thanks

  citadel 18:22 19 Nov 06

I would get 1g, ram is is very easy to fit. just take anti-static measures when handling it.

  Fatbelly 18:30 19 Nov 06

Thanks for the reply citadel.
What type of RAM should I get , I have been looking on the net and there are so many different types I am confused.

  citadel 18:38 19 Nov 06 put your pc info into the memory finder.

  skidzy 18:39 19 Nov 06

click here In 3 easy steps... find the right memory for your computer or motherboard. GUARANTEED!

  Fatbelly 19:13 19 Nov 06

Thanks for all the help guys.
I did the three easy steps thing and it was spot on
Once again many thanks

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