More positioning help please

  mco 20:13 23 Dec 06

I am sorry FE if I have started a new topic when I should have continued with the one (ticked resolved) below, though it is a slightly different aspect of the same problem.(please move if I have done wrong) After much struggling in the dark I now have a javascript slideshow here very nearly where I want it
click here, I need it to be higher up the page - what must I do to change that in the code? And why do red boxes appear when the 3 photos change from one to another? Many Christmas thanks

  mco 20:14 23 Dec 06

I meant - click here

  Eric10 22:50 23 Dec 06

The blue bubble picture doesn't show because you have two dots before jpg in its name on your page.

Pic[1] = 'http: // www. mrscooch. com/mymick/assets/images/coffeebubblesblue..jpg'

  mco 02:16 24 Dec 06

I've got that sorted now. I still hope someone can help me move it up!

  PurplePenny 11:11 24 Dec 06

The table row above the row that contains the table with the image in it, i.e. the row containing the contact information, has a height of 100. Have you tried altering that? Why do you need to give the row a height at all?

I'm having a bit of trouble working out the table structure but there seem to be a couple of unclosed rows above the table containing the image. Try taking those out.

  Eric10 14:19 24 Dec 06

PurplePenny is right in saying that you have omitted to close the table data and table row just in front of the code containing your javascript.
This does not cure your positioning problem though. However, in the line that reads '<td id="VU" height=523 width=175>' if you remove the height=523 then it moves up quite nicely.

Are you using Net Objects Fusion? This should enable you to spot the areas affecting the positioning.

If I copy the source into Dreamweaver, the graphic seems to sit in the middle of a large table cell 3 time the depth of it. Can you adjust the cell/row height?

  mco 16:02 24 Dec 06

Taking out the height = 523 seemed to make it work - I am really grateful; shall now be able to enjoy Christmas and as a new year's resolution resolve to learn more hmtl and CSS! 19:23 24 Dec 06

making very hard work of NOF in your last few postings by trying to use it as an expensive text editor. I have used it from it's early days and only interfere with it now and again with the odd bit of code to tweak it.

It is a WYSIWYG web editor designed to create it's own code from your input to make it easier. If you want to use your own scripts and html why bother with NOF and the resulting problems? It just doesn't make sense to me

  mco 19:49 24 Dec 06

I'm beginning to wonder myself too. But sometimes NOF doesn't do the things the way I want them done. I guess I just wanted to make life difficult for myself! All the best!

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