More Hard drive, More speed?

  taffyal 13:11 24 Feb 05

I keep hearing that bigger HDs speed up things! I'm running on a 40gig HD @7200. I have a spare 20 gig of same speed. I'm only using 5 gig of my 40,so cant understand that adding the other would make it any faster!! Any ideas would be gratefully received.

  Technotiger 13:20 24 Feb 05

Hi, as far as I am aware what you describe would not make any difference to speed - a faster CPU and/or additional memory would make a difference - ie faster.


  961 13:25 24 Feb 05

Although latest spec may give marginal improvement the only real life situation where you would find a noticeable difference is if your existing hard disk is very nearly full

Otherwise the way to increase speed is more memory or if your computer is getting on a bit, a faster processor

  Storik 13:26 24 Feb 05

Technotiger has summed it up very nicely methinks.

Not awfully sure about SATA hard drives, whether they are quicker or not, but I'm sure someone can put you right about that. My external USB2 hard drive seems to be pretty speedy, but that is as maybe.


  taffyal 13:53 24 Feb 05

Thanks everyone- I didn't think it would make any difference, but I may put the spare in my "spare" pc, which only has 8gig. I have a Duron 1200 & 500 x PC133, which will have to suffice for a while yet! Thanks again, Al

  Modo 14:26 24 Feb 05

SATA, bigger drive, larger cache = more speed in any combination.

Disk utilisation including fragmentation will all slow any hdd down however big or configured.

In my experience a 250Gb SATAb cache produced an astonishing speed improvement on a machine that previously had 40% unfragmented usage of a 120Mb udma.

The only significant difference going from 512 to 1024 on RAM made was in PhotoShop type applications.

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