more confused and mrs confused about web design

  lozzalady 18:55 16 Nov 09

Hello Everyone. I've joined the group as I've just started my own business and I need a website. (oh yes i surely do). I thought someone out there might be able to help.

Oddly I kind of understand the technical part of a site build but I don't understand the design element.

I have reg the domain name and now need someone to design my corp identity. So the question is: by trade is someone who does corp identity, the same person that 'designs' a website, or is the person who designs the website also the web builder?

It's confusing since when you talk to a company about doing the above they talk about 'we' - no idea how many people behind closed doors and their role would be. As a start up I can't afford a company anyway, so would like to use a freelancer - but how many?!

I don't want to build from a template so will defo need a designer but I'm so unsure of all their specific roles. Help!!....then there's the SEO, does the web builder do that, or is that also a separate person!! ARHGHHHHH

  tims31 15:13 08 Dec 09

Hi Lozzalady,

I understand your confusion as there seem to be so many different names that most people have no understanding of.

A good webdesigner/ Graphic designer should be able to help you out with most of these points. If you already have a corporate image ie Logo/colour scheme/ headed notepaper etc then a site/graphic designer should be able to work with you on the creation of a basic design and what you want YOUR site to look like. They are there to assist you. Many freelance webdesigners will be able to cover most of these aspects for you.

SEO is also something that I concentrate on when building a site by ensuring I use correct metadata, page titles and keywords for each page. Linking off to similar site can also help with SEO. Often a well structured site with correct SEO data built in, a sitemap on google and sending in your url to them is the best SEO you can get.
To get a good list does take time but by using these points you should get there in a couple of months.


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