monitors without DVI

  JACC 12:25 14 Apr 07

I bet we've all noticed that the price of 22" lcd monitors has nearly gone through the floor , one thing i've noticed is that they are usually vga and not dvi .Is there really that much of a difference ? as you can tell my monitor is only vga and it seems ok , will i notice a big diffrerence.

  Quiet Life 14:04 14 Apr 07

Basically if you set up the VGA properly I doubt if you would notice any difference. DVI needs no set up. I have two 19inch together one DVI the other VGA and they both look the same.
I know some people will say differently. Perhaps they have better eyes!

  anskyber 14:14 14 Apr 07

No I agree with you, I also have two screens one on DVI and the other VGA.

as i understand it, the difference is only apparent when using cad programs or closely editing video stills, i noticed no change with games etc

  Totally-braindead 15:29 14 Apr 07

I have seen the same screen setup with VGA and then setup with DVI running various programs. Admitadly this was some time ago but I noticed no difference whatsoever. I know DVI is meant to be better but I just couldn't see it.

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