Monitors Problems

  Fah10 21:26 31 May 06

I am having two different problems with two different monitors.

1- Philips 7CM5299/89T
A shiny line appears at the bottom (where the task bar is) of the screen.
Sometimes a tap on the monitor clears it but it comes back after some time.
Sometimes it comes quite frequently and sometimes it takes time to

2- DELL D1028LR
I recently purchased this (used) monitor. It was working fine for month or
so. But for last 4/5 days its screen gets bigger (about 5%) and than slowly
comes back to its position. At the time of the problem, picture goes some
what black, colors increased. Is heat the cause as it is about 45C here. I
also use TV Tuner which worked fine for last five years on above (Philips)


  johnnyrocker 23:05 31 May 06

45c? if true first question is are the items tropicalised?


  Fah10 21:38 01 Jun 06


Both the monitors are quite old and working fine till now. First one is 95 and second one is 98 model.

Thanx anyways


  Fah10 21:52 01 Jun 06

Sorry not completing the response.

As they are so old and worked fine I believe they is no matter with tropicalised.

  DieSse 00:15 02 Jun 06

Heat such as that will certainly shorten the working life of the monitors. It appears that they both now got intermittent faults, which need repair.

As always the problem is that the cost of repairs is always high these days, and the cost of monitors is relatively low. So the only sensible advice is to buy new monitors, which should have a three year warranty and so give you some protection.

Monitors seem to have a working temperature limit of a maximum of 40ºC generally - so it's really not possible to expect them to last forever at 45ºC

  DieSse 00:17 02 Jun 06

With such high local temperatures, I would have thought that someone would be offering suitable monitors.

If you habitually run them in a temperature above specification, it will, rightly, invalidate the warranty.

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