Monitors keep dying.

  maanse 17:18 23 Sep 08

Hello there,

I wonder if anyone could shed any light.....

The monitor attached to my pc died a week or so ago (power board in monitor died) so i put a monitor off another pc on it now that one has died and showed the same symptoms. Basically the screen will go off every few mins then after a day or two of that the monitor will go off and will not come back on anymore.

I dont think the problem is with power as both the monitors were plugged into the same double power socket when they both worked. They only seem to die after being attached to this particular PC.

Is there a way the graphics card could be causing the screens to die??

Both screens were tft 17", first one was 13 months old second one was 3 years old.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  Pineman100 18:00 23 Sep 08

I think the first thing I would do is to try both monitors on another PC.

If they work, then the problem is in your PC - probably the graphics card.

  maanse 18:03 23 Sep 08

Already tried that, both monitors are now dead! Have a third one but im not willing to risk that one dying by plugging it into the offending pc.

  Pineman100 18:04 23 Sep 08

Were you running the monitors at their recommended resolution and refresh rate?

  maanse 19:30 25 Sep 08

Yea they were both running at recommended res and refresh. It seems as thought the backlight inverter must have died in the second monitor, im trying to figure out what could cause it though.
Also repair isnt a feasable option because the transistors on the inverter board are around £20 each, there are 4 in total so a new monitor is cheaper. Im a bit reluctant to attach a new monitor tho just incase it kills a third.

Is there anything the graphics card can do that would fry 2 monitors in the space of a week??

  nob14 20:49 25 Sep 08

They are not duel voltage monitors and you have them set to 110V?

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