Albert-264754 18:45 02 Feb 03

Being a simple person on computers, will someone please tell me what the letters FST mean in the following: 17in FST monitor. Taffyj

  acfc 18:54 02 Feb 03

I pretty sure it's Flat Square Tube

  Old PC man 20:13 02 Feb 03

acfc's correct, FST is a CRT (cathode ray tube) that has a flat front face whereas TFT is a Thin Film Transistor screen. These do not have the bulkiness of a CRT and take up much less desk space, are light in weight and more expensive at present.

  DieSse 00:13 03 Feb 03

FST has ben used for many years in the TV trade, and means Flatter, Squarer, Tube.

It does NOT mean a true flat face tube, such as you can get now, but FST tubes are not very curved, like older tubes. Most non-"true flat" tubes are in fact FST these days.

  woodchip 00:30 03 Feb 03

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