dstarr78 21:53 23 Jan 03
  dstarr78 21:53 23 Jan 03


I'm looking to buy a new monitor cas my current one is a little old.

I play games, so that rules out TFT's.

I am looking to get a 19" CRT monitor, and I have seen a FLAT CRT version.

Does anyone know what the advantages of having a FLAT CRT over a normal CRT monitor are?

  duplo 22:02 23 Jan 03

A flat CRT will give better images, reflect less of the light in the room. Also some of the new flat CRT's have brightness boster's for games and DVD's. Iiyama mons have this for sure (I have one!).

  dstarr78 22:05 23 Jan 03

Cool - that's excellent

Another reason why I want a new monitor is cos my existing one isn't bright enough for my DVD's and some games that don't have a brightness adjuster.

  grove34 22:13 23 Jan 03

i've got a 17" proview tft monitor , i play games too , they play perfectly.

didnt realise i wasnr allowed to play games with a tft.

i'll uninstall them all


ps.....just cos its a tft doesnt mean games play any worse than using a crt.

  dstarr78 22:17 23 Jan 03

erm..i think you went a bit OTT on what i said

I've just read that TFT's are not very good with high end graphics or fast moving graphics

  duplo 22:21 23 Jan 03

TFT are actually OK for games although my view is if your a hardcore games player and dont have a space issue then save a bit of money and buy a CRT.

  woodchip 22:29 23 Jan 03
  jay123 23:34 23 Jan 03

I have a Hercules prophetview 720 its a 15" TFT monitor. I play games, including Unreal2003, Colin McRaa, and Grand Prix 4, and dvd movies. The picture is never anything but perfect, no smudging or bluring that people say is the problem with TFT. I turn the bightness up to around 90% to watch movies and around 75% for games.
Hope this helps.


  dstarr78 23:56 23 Jan 03

Yeh - it does

Just one more thing though - is your monitor a special expensive TFT that has the added ability to play these games, or do you think that all TFT's out run could quite easily run games.

i.e. do you think you have to pay extra for TFT monitors to be able to play games smoothly and crisply?

  jay123 22:13 25 Jan 03

It is a little more money than the PCW Own brand type TFT monitor. My rarther stylish metalic blue and chrome 15" cost £320, it is curently on offer in PCW at this price. The 15" tft is said to be like a 17" CRT. There is also a 17" version of the Hercules that looks the same but is wall mountable. Its a lot more at £549. But is like a 19" CRT monitor.
Sorry i was a few days, been in the middle of exams.


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