reaths 18:13 13 Dec 03

have tried 2 different monitors on computer but
they dont come out of stand by.both monitors are working.somethings wrong with the computer.WHAT!
anybody got any ideas.

  minter 18:40 13 Dec 03

Have you tried taking your graphics card out and replacing it.

If you have access to another setup try your graphics card in that.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:42 13 Dec 03

Did they ever come on with this particular pc setup? Maybe your graphics card has come unseated or the pc is told in the BIOS to boot via onboard graphics. Give some more details.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:44 13 Dec 03

And I will learn to refresh before posting what someone else has said!

  reaths 18:46 13 Dec 03

the computer came up with No Signal asumed graphics had went put in another graphics card
now i get nothing it does have onboard graphics
cant get into computer to disable this

  reaths 13:16 14 Dec 03

why dont i get a no signal if the graphics is down
is it the motherboard

  InZaNE_mOdS 13:30 14 Dec 03

do you get any post beeps?

  reaths 14:04 14 Dec 03

there are no beeps just nothing the monitor light
stays on for a few seconds then goes into standby
the indicator flashes on and off

  Forum Editor 14:16 14 Dec 03

and check the motherboard connector carefully for bent or missing pins.

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