Monitoring Network Up and Downloads

  Seadog 18 Apr 11

Hi Guys, Maybe this should be on the networking forum but I thought I'd try here first.

In the system, we have a network set up with six wireless access points hard wired to a hub, this in turn is connected to a router which then connects to the internet.

There are no computers connected to the network other than when an individual connects for internet access, that is all the system is used for, there is no traffic or file transfer between users. Its a similar system to what you would find at an airport I suppose.

We really need to keep an eye on the amount of upload/download each individual uses so that the we have fair usage for all as we have an allowance to adhere to, does anyone know of any software we can use to monitor individuals usage when they connect to the network. And of a way to do it - will we need to connect a computer between the hub and router and so on.

Any help will be appreciated.

  robin_x 18 Apr 11

Have a look at Networx. link text

  spuds 18 Apr 11

Over recent months I have been playing around with a number of D/L-U/L networking programs. One that I have downloaded this weekend is JD's Auto Speed Tester . Apology for not providing a link, but you might try the forum

JD's stands for Jack Dinn's.

Might be worth a search, to see if it fits the bill. So far over the last 24 hours, it seems okay to me, but one router and multiple connections might be a problem, I haven't got that far yet!.

  Seadog 18 Apr 11

Thanks for that guys, but those programs only seem to monitor the total usage, we need a program or some sort of system that will monitor the amount of each user who connects to the wireless network system.


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