monitoring MSN Messenger conversation

  Baslla321 08:32 14 Jan 05

I have been monitoring my kid's MSN Messenger conversations BUT now he wised up and is deleting all the history. Is there any other way, method or otherwise, that I can resume doing this on the quiet !? Any ideas welcome.

  User-312386 08:47 14 Jan 05

click here for MSN sniffer a trial and then $79 (seems a bit pricey) and then theres click here KGB SPY, which i thinks free for personal use and is a key logger

  Baslla321 09:15 14 Jan 05

will try KGB spy Thanks

  the pie eater 09:33 14 Jan 05

The best thing i did was to buy msn premium a yearly payment and you have total control of who he\she talks to and a weekly e mail telling you every site they been on and you can control that as well

  Danoh 11:51 14 Jan 05

Sounds like a teenager ~ I have 2 ~ they know where the conversations are stored and that I know but I don't pry ~ not good for relationship which is critical when they do get into serious trouble and you'd be the last person they tell.

  the pie eater 12:06 14 Jan 05

Danoh i could not agree more my kids are not at teenage years i use it to stop the ""unwanted"" people chating to my kids as i can block them out and the kids dont know anything about you say you have to have trust!

  ACOLYTE 12:47 14 Jan 05

click here lets you save the chat logs and password protect them so they cannot be opened or deleted.

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