Monitor won't wake up.

  Johnny 7 19:37 02 May 06

I have had a problem for sometime now, after changing my graphic card from ATI9800 AIW to nVidia GS6800agp. Now when the computer is powered up to come out of standby, the system powers up but the monitor stays black and a message states "no video input". I have tried to use the latest Hyperion chipset drivers and the 84.25 (and many other versions) Forceware, but no solution. I have an MSI K8t Neo motherboard and Akasa 460W PSU. Would re-installing the monitor driver from the installation disk help? Or does anyone have any useful suggestions? Thanks for any help.

  Johnny 7 09:57 03 May 06

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  DieSse 10:38 03 May 06

New card not fully plugged in?

New card faulty?

New card not getting enough power? - Power supply too low a capacity? - Extra power connection needed and not connected?

Cable problem? - Damaged pins - look in the end of the cable?

Connected to the correct output on the card?

Monitor not selected to DVI input when DVI being used - or vice versa?

  DieSse 10:40 03 May 06

PS - is this ONLY when coming out of standby - or all the time?

  Johnny 7 22:28 03 May 06

This is only when coming out of standby. Reseated the card, power supply is ok for this card. Cable is undamaged, correct output for card.
Thank you for answering!

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