monitor won't switch on

  palinka 01 Dec 11

I use a Dell wide-screen monitor, about 6(?) years old. This week I've suddenly found that the On/Off buton at the bottom right-hand corner won't work. One day it didn't switch off; then after that it wouldn't switch on. I've had to switch back to an old Samsung monitor in order to use my system. The make is not the important feature, but I much prefer the wide monitor. Is it likely to be repairable? and would it be worth the cost? (I have a local independent store nearby; reliable but not cheap). Or will I have to buy new if I want to continue with wide-screen? Anyone with similar experience, please.

  Graphicool1 01 Dec 11

Check the power lead is pushed in both ends, failing that check the fuse in the plug.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 01 Dec 11

After you have checked Graphicool1 suggestions

you may be lucky it might just be a sticky switch that can be freed off or replaced

Ask your repairer for a quote before committing to any cost.

  palinka 01 Dec 11

thanks, Graphicool. Both ends were pushed in fully. I haven't checked the fuse, but I will do. Tho it seems/feels more like a "mechanical" failure of the button - it doesn't move at all (we're talking a millimetre or two, but it feels different from how it has always been.) I'll check the fuse, as you suggest.

  palinka 01 Dec 11

thanks for that Fruit Bat /\0/. I'd had siimilar thoughts on the nature of the problem and had had a tentative go at "releasing" the button myself - no success . I'll talk to my local shop in the next few days.

  palinka 13 Jan 12

Local shop fixed it - it was the button that had stuck. They advised not switching the monitor off, ie. not using the button. I'm doing that (put something over it to stop myself pressing it automatically) and all is well. Charge ? £10. Problem solved. How do I tick resolved , these days?

  buteman 13 Jan 12

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