Monitor Switchbox Query

  GRC 20:13 12 Feb 03

Anyone any ideas why when connecting two PC's to one monitor with a 20 quid box, the one with the onboard SiS chip shows no decernable degradation on whilst the one with the 3dfx Voodoo card is all fuzzy and blurred? I know some loss of quality is usual with these things but I at least expected it to be consistant! No changes in the settings makes any difference by the way.

  y_not 06:47 13 Feb 03

Can't answer the question other than to say that I also run two PC's from one monitor - one ATI & one GeForce card, quality is the same from both of them.

Only minor issue I have is booting one (Win98) I HAVE to have the monitor switched to that PC during boot-up or the graphics drivers get upset.......the other (Win2k) doesn't seem to care about if there is a monitor attached or not!

  GRC 07:21 13 Feb 03

Yes, true that the settings go to default if I do not have the monitor switched on when booting the 3dfx PC but nothing seems to get rid of the blurring.

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