Monitor Switch Box ???

  special sophie 22:35 09 Feb 03

Hi all
I'm looking for a switch box but i cant find one. I have 2 PC's but just one monitor I want a box that would allow me to switch between both computers as and when I want while they are both running. I don't want to network the 2 PC's I want them to remain isolated from each other. Is there a box available for this and where can I get one from ?

  woodchip 22:42 09 Feb 03

You can get the gear you need from Maplin tell the guy what you want to do he should then show you what you need

  special sophie 22:45 09 Feb 03

Thanks Woodchip

  Lú-tzé 22:47 09 Feb 03

Its called a KVM (I think) - keyboard, video, mouse or some such combination. It allows you to use two (or more) PCs with one keyboard, video, mouse - hence the name! :-}

If I have the incorrect terminology, someone will correct me. flecc had a thread entitled "whose been keeping secrets" re. these boxes.

  woodchip 22:51 09 Feb 03
  Kudu 22:54 09 Feb 03

Try hereclick here

  Kudu 22:56 09 Feb 03

A-Z index under monitor switch boxes.

  woodchip 23:00 09 Feb 03

Typ KVM in search box

  special sophie 23:05 09 Feb 03

Thank you everyone I will check it out

  jazzypop 23:35 09 Feb 03

Flecc's helpful thread - click here

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