Monitor shuts down even though power option.....

  Rickys Mate 22:29 20 Feb 06

This is wiered. My monitor has suddenly started to shut down for no apparent reason and will not resume. The power options are set to never hibernate or switch off the monitor. Any ideas?
(Packard Bell imedia 1506, windows XP and no recent hardware changes. I did update ActiveX a few days ago)


  ade.h 22:40 20 Feb 06

The first step - and obvious, I know, so you might already have tried it - is to try a different monitor to eliminate the possibilities.

  Rickys Mate 23:10 20 Feb 06

Thanks ade but I don't have another monitor to try.

  ade.h 23:16 20 Feb 06

No-one from whom you can borrow one?

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