Monitor showing nothing..

  chrissy1608 20:47 26 Mar 06

My computers been working fine for about a year or so and now I woke up this morning and went to start up and the tower powers up but although the monitor has power it remains on standby.

The fans and HD power up although there are no beebs at start up..

The unusual thing is however, if i leave the computer for a while say 20-25 mins then go back and boot up it starts fine..

Its only when i then turn off and go to turn back on that the monitor goes into standby and stays like that.

Any help would be appreciated

  Totally-braindead 20:53 26 Mar 06

What Operating System do you use? I would suggest in the first instance you check all the power settings in Control Panel incase something has been altered by error.

  chrissy1608 20:55 26 Mar 06

im running XP pro.

Any changed settings i should be looking for?

Seems weird that it works after a period of time..

  wky 21:05 26 Mar 06

maybe because of overheating? check the temps of the processor.

  chrissy1608 21:14 26 Mar 06

How do i go about checkin processor temps?

recently i opened the case of my tower and it was reeally dusty.

I cleaned it up a bit, think there will be dust in bits i havent checked?

  chrissy1608 12:49 27 Mar 06

Anyone got any ideas?


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