Monitor probs - I think

  Prophet868 13:29 31 Mar 05

I just bought a new monitor and from then on my problems started. When you look at the desktop its fine, you can see My comp, Recycle bin, my docs etc... and it shows perfect clear pictures.
However, when i enter the Internet Explorer i find all the images, pictures etc blurred; the text i can usually see but when it is on colours it is sometimes hard to make it out. But i then just highlight it with my my mouse and i can make it out. When a friend came over he said the web pages were too big. I now am beginning to think that too as i constantly have to use the scroll bars on the bottom and right hand side to see the web page. I've gone into Control Panel/Display properties/Settings/ and then tried to change the Less - More setting but it is stuck, and won't move from the Less setting. Is there a different setting you could change for the web pages? I really am lost on what to do as I've tried everything I can think of. Can any of you give me any advice ?

try holding down shift then moving your scroll wheel on your mouse and the words on the webpage will get smaller or bigger depending which way you turn it.

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