Monitor Problems (2)

  Malstron 20:18 17 Dec 06

Hi all I was just wondering if my memory was broke in my PC would the monitor still come on with BIOS settings and stuff ? just ive broken my previous question down to two things the CPU or memory, but im 95% certin its not my CPU, the only thing I cant test is my Memory.

  skidzy 20:27 17 Dec 06

Have you tested the ram click here

Maybe if you have a graphics card fitted,check that this is seated correctly.

  Malstron 20:30 17 Dec 06

Just got a new motherboard mate, with built in graphics.
when I power the PC up everythings sounds as if it's booting up but the light on the monitor stays yellow. new CPU as well mate.

  skidzy 20:33 17 Dec 06

Firstly check all connections inside the tower,and double check the monitor cable.

Do you have another monitor that you can try first.

So no graphics card fitted.
Check in the bios that the onboard graphics is enabled.

  AndySD 20:34 17 Dec 06

The three things I check first when a pc fails to post the BIOS is to Remove and replace the RAM and remove and replace the Graphics card. Then check the processor fan is spinning.

  AndySD 20:35 17 Dec 06

Oops too slow.

Check that you have connected te power on/off and reset buttons correctly

  Malstron 20:37 17 Dec 06

I have this and an extra monitor to try but I know both are working, I have a extra grapics card that I know works and have tried that as well. also checked all leads on the computer. even took the PC apart and built it again in case I missed anything but every thing has been checked mate.

  Malstron 20:38 17 Dec 06

yeah mate must be ok cause every thing is powering up on the board, fan is spinning as well.

  skidzy 20:38 17 Dec 06

Maybe a daft question but if you have fitted a new have ran the drivers utilities disc ?

  Malstron 20:39 17 Dec 06

not sure what mobo is ?

  Malstron 20:40 17 Dec 06

would the comp power up though if the Memory was not working ?

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