monitor problems

  Maryp 14:55 23 Feb 04

Started up my PC this morn, (its about 4 years old) and the picture was realy dark. Did what I had to do, shut the PC down, but the monitor stayed on. Normaly the PC sitches it off automaticaly. I've wiggled all the conecting wires, (although nothing has been moved since I used it last night), and tried starting and shutting down several times, but still the same thing.
Do you think its the monitor with a problem, the connecting wires, or the PC?

  jim1947 15:04 23 Feb 04

Could be your monitor has given up the ghost, the only sure way to find out is try it on another PC. Could be your graphics card has come loose. Open up your PC and gently but firmly push down on the card to see if it needs re-seating.

  Ben.s 15:08 23 Feb 04

1)checked the monitor plug is right in?
2)the brightness/contrast settings?
3)any reaction to the HDD led?
4)LED on monitor light up?
5)have you checked the fuse hasnt gone in the mains plug?

  Maryp 15:32 23 Feb 04

All the wires/plugs are in properly. The monitor works ok when its on, just a bit dark, Brightness/contrast settings exactly the same as when I bought it, havent been touched. The main problem is when I turn off the PC, normaly it switches off the monitor, but today it says No Signal.

  Tog 16:31 23 Feb 04

Have a look in the OSD for a setting that tells the monitor what to do when the video input is disconnected. Mine can be set to standby/off/ignore, maybe your settings got glitched.

  Ben.s 18:49 23 Feb 04

do u really leave your monitor on over night?
i can turn my monitor in standbye. but it dont do it much good leaving it on

  Maryp 19:57 23 Feb 04

I dont leave the monitor on overnight, when I swith the PC off, it turns the monitor off. Or it did.

  Ben.s 16:01 24 Feb 04

what monitor and computer do u have i find this quite interesting iv never heard of a computer that can turn a monitor off? unless u mean standby cos it is still on but doesnt have a sceen.i would call this a power saving screensaver

  Maryp 17:37 24 Feb 04

I have an NEC computer and monitor, and maybe you'd call it standby, but theres no difference if I push the off button after the pc's switched it off.

  g0nvs 18:36 24 Feb 04

Had the same problem.........Monitor was on it's way out. Try and borrow another monitor to try before you rush off out and buy a replacement.

  Maryp 19:08 24 Feb 04

Thanks, thats what I thought, but wanted someone to confirm.

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