Monitor problem on web sites

  AJ Beer 08:25 18 Feb 04

I have a Relyisys 17" monitor.

On two unrelated, but 'normal', web site visits recently the site appeared on screen but almost straight away my monitor suddenly started clicking rapidly and the picture disappeared. Working blind I moved the mouse around and kept clicking hoping that I might stop it (as you do when panic sets in!) and eventually I regained control but was returned to my Home site.

It seemed as if the monitor was clicking on and off as it does in powersaving mode but continiung to do so.

Any ideas please?

  thedarkside 23:32 18 Feb 04

Sounds like it was trying to change its resolution and failed. Depending on the screen resolution and refresh rate you are using, it may be at the upper limit of its capabilities. Try dropping the refresh rate, and see if it happens again.

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