Monitor picture size changes

  Windsor 17:06 09 Apr 05

I have a Nvidia GeForce MX 4000 graphics card with XP Pro and SP2 and a CTX EF710F monitor.

I have loaded the drivers using the AOpen CD provided

More often than not, when I boot up, the screen comes up too narrow. If I then change to a higher resolution but then revert back to the 1024 x 768 resolution I like to use and a refresh rate of 100 Hz all is well. But not at the next boot up.

Has anyone any ideas please.


  Dorsai 17:24 09 Apr 05

Have you tried using a slightly lower refresh rate and see if this results in more predictable behaviour on boot?

Try 85Hz, and see what happens.

  Windsor 17:35 09 Apr 05

Thanks Dorsai.

I have tried all the refresh rates but still unstable.


  Windsor 10:11 10 May 05

I am still having trouble with the picture size on many bootups. Any further advise please.

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