Monitor not working

  Dalglish2 10:40 15 Jul 09

I have a HP w1907v flat panel monitor which has been stored for 3 months and now I need it, it will not power up.
I have swapped power leads, changed fuses etc but still no life. The PC did have a spring clean by a friend who tidied up the registry etc but he did not have the monitor, only the server.
What could be wrong?
Many thanks

  kalignorgna 11:14 15 Jul 09

when the monitor is pluged in is ther a green or orange light on the power button

is the VGA/DVI cable attached proberley

is the computer booting up

  Dalglish2 22:48 15 Jul 09

thanks for this yes there was a problem with the VGA cable, sorted now.
Many thanks

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