Monitor Not Playing The Game!

  BeeWee 11:56 15 Apr 03

I did try to follow and old thread but no one replied! So will open a new one and hope that no one will complain!
I have given my son my old pc. I wiped the h/d and reinstalled win 98se. He has installed Championship Manager 4 game. (It is a pentium 3 with enough memory but is not connected to the internet). I have borrowed an old monitor. The error says it is "unable to open in full screen mode". I have checked the faq for this game but cannot change my monitor settings to what is needed. I only have 16 or 2 colours and nothing but 640x480 resolution. I need 32bit colours and 1021x768 res. why am i unable to make these changes? thanks beth

  Gerrycan 12:02 15 Apr 03

do you have A graphics card? if so get latest drivers. Then you may be able to change settings.

  BeeWee 12:10 15 Apr 03

i assume there is a graphics can i get latest drivers if it isn't connected to the net?

  Gerrycan 12:18 15 Apr 03

Down load on the pc your using for post on PCA
and copy them to a floppy,if to large copy to cd, that is if you have cd writer, if not tell me your graphics card details and I will get the driver for you and send it to you upon receipt of your postal address.

  vaughan007 12:23 15 Apr 03

Now thats service Gerrycan.....beyond the line of duty I think.

  Tog 12:24 15 Apr 03

Use the computer you are using now to download Belarc Advisor from click here
Run it on your son's PC and it will identify the type of graphics card for you.

  BeeWee 12:28 15 Apr 03

Gerrycan...that is extremely kind of you...i will do as you suggest first and d/l to cd and try it!

vaughan007...why would you say "beyond the line of duty" i would offer the same to anyone if i could help

  BeeWee 12:48 15 Apr 03

i did that Tog and is this the graphics card?
Standard pci graphics adapter (vga) 3dfx Voodoo 3

  Confab 12:57 15 Apr 03

"I have borrowed an old monitor".

This could be your problem. Try the monitor on your new PC with the game installed to see if it works or try your new monitor on your old PC (presuming you have a new PC of course). Some monitors will not support hi-res/ fast refresh rates. I had the same problem, unfortunatly you might need to invest in a newer one.


  BeeWee 13:03 15 Apr 03

I think that might be the problem Amber-Shortie as the game works well on this (new) PC

  Tog 13:31 15 Apr 03

In the System Properties Device list, is the Voodoo3 listed as your graphics card with no driver problems? If so, the driver should be OK.

If not go to click here and get yourself a free membership. Search for voodoo3, company=3dfx and you will find a PCI driver in the list. Be warned, it's 8.7Mb

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