Monitor image "Narrow"

  ikle_pixie 08:42 29 Mar 06

The image on my CRT monitor has suddenly become narrow. I've fiddled with the settings but it doesn't fix it. If I tap it on the side it goes back normal but pops back.

Any ideas?


  rmcqua 08:52 29 Mar 06

Sounds like you have an intermittent connection soemwhere within your monitor. Give the video in cable and its connector a thorough (but gentle)"wiggle". Try turning the monitor gently upside down just in case there is something loose inside that may dislodge. Switch on again and hope for the best. If that doesn't work, I fear you may be down to fiddling inside the monitor (if you feel up to it)or replacing it!

  DieSse 09:22 29 Mar 06

It's an internal problem with the monitor. Probably a "dry" solder joint

If it's under warranty - get it replaced, if it's not, any kind of repair will probably cost almost as much as a new monitor.

DO NOT under any circumstances go inside the monitor, unless you are a trained electronics engineer - there are lethal voltages even when it's disconnected from the mains.

  Simsy 10:31 29 Mar 06

that I can think of that might bring hope is, if the monitor cable is attached to the monitor using a connector, (rather than being "permanently connected internally), you might try reconnecting it, or replacing the cable.

If it is/has been subject to much twisting/bending there might be a problem there that can be resolved.

Otherwise, I think it's time for a new monitor!.

Good luck,



  Andsome 10:53 29 Mar 06

If you buy new I can definitely recommend AOC

  ikle_pixie 14:01 29 Mar 06

Thought as much. Thought i'd ask though, see if anyone could think of anything different, thanks anyway peeps.

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