monitor has no signal

  Jaynedoe 02 Sep 11

Help please. My monitor suddenly has an error message saying no input signal going to sleep. I have tried another monitor-still same, I tried a new cable-still same, I borrowed another PCIe graphics card-still same. What has happened please? Anyone have an idea? Win xp mobo ASUS P5GPL-x. This computer has worked brilliant for ages and suddenly this.

  Jaynedoe 02 Sep 11

update. I have now tried the graphic card in another machine and it works ok. Could the PCEi slot on the mobo have gone and if so can I fit a card that does not use PCEi? Thanks

  ICF 02 Sep 11

I take it you have tried re installing the drivers?

If you have then there are PCI graphic cards but they are old tech now PCI Graphic Cards

  Jaynedoe 23 Sep 11

just to update. it appears the motherboard had gone and i had to have a new one at pc 2000. thanks

  Jaynedoe 23 Sep 11

i cant see where i can tick resolved anymore but the problem is sorted.

  lotvic 23 Sep 11

Click on the big grey tick on the right next to any or the post that solved problem and it will turn green. Now refresh the page and thread will show as 'Resolved'

  woodchip 23 Sep 11

He says the motherboard as gone! very unusual normally the power supply is the thing the goes first


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