monitor - dvi problems

  Manbir-1233907 11:18 29 Jan 08

hi all

  anskyber 11:37 29 Jan 08


  Totally-braindead 11:47 29 Jan 08

Using my mind control powers I will see whats wrong and telepathically send you the solution.

Thats it, your problem is now solved.

  Manbir-1233907 11:54 29 Jan 08

sorry, tried to leave a post after initial mishap, but the site wernt letting me..

neway, i purchased gnr moniotr with dvi dual link lead but receive msg on monitor that no signal..

vga works fine..

do i need to install drivers? change settings? uninstall existing monitor (dell) drivers..

ne help is greatly appreciated

  ambra4 11:55 29 Jan 08

Thanks Totally-braindead your mind control powers seems to have fix the dvi problem

  Manbir-1233907 13:58 29 Jan 08

gr8 stuff ppl...where the sarcastic replies now?

  DieSse 14:31 29 Jan 08

You may need to switch the monitor to look at it's DVI input (though mine does it automatically).

Does your system have a DVI output?

What graphics card does your system have?

What's a dual-link lead? - I've only seen leads with a single connector at each end.

I recommend you not to get so tetchy about a bit of light-hearted banter.

  Manbir-1233907 14:55 29 Jan 08

thanks DieSse..i am not at that pc now, so il try to b as accurate as poss

to look at dvi input, meant to press both volume buttons and the input changes...i can do this, with vga still in or out, i change input but 'no signal' is the message

my graphics card has a dvi output, looks like 3 rows of pins with a cross at the end..the monitor seems to have same port

dual link lead- has 3 rows of pins and a metal spade which fit into the monitor and graphics cards not sure if this is the correct lead, but it fits nicely

graphics card - not sure right now - bought it with my dell dimension in 04

  DieSse 14:58 29 Jan 08

I seem to remember about that time having an issue with a Dell and DVI ports - and there was something in the Dell needed changing. Can't remeber what - I'll have a look around.

  Manbir-1233907 14:59 29 Jan 08

thanks, be greatly in general, a dvi monitor should just plug and play?

  DieSse 15:03 29 Jan 08

You could have a look here - I know it refers to Dell monitors - but I suppose it could equally apply to other makes.

click here

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