Monitor display problem during screen scrolling

  silverfox2 13:04 PM 28 Apr 13

When the character in a game is moving and then from side to side, there appears a line across the screen about a third of the way up and the area below this lags behind the upper part by about a millimetre.The same thing happens with Google earth when dragging the image from side to side. I've tried reducing the resolution (1920 x 1080 recommended) to no effect but I did notice that reducing the refresh rate(max 60Hz) on the monitor made it worse in that the upper third also had this effect.Does that point to the monitor? My PC is also connected to an LCD TV but the line does not appear on that. I've also checked the graphics card driver is up to date- I installed a new card (Radeon HD7850)in February but don't remember if this problem occurred straightaway. Any suggestions ?

  Ex plorer 08:07 AM 29 Apr 13

Why did you put a new graphics card in.

Have you tried putting the old card back assuming your latest card was an upgrade and the old one wasn't damaged.

You could try a different lead and make sure they are pushed in fully.

  silverfox2 10:23 AM 05 May 13

Thanks for your reply. I upgraded for a better FPS gaming experience and sold the old card. Checked the lead - OK. Any other suggestions anyone?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:51 AM 05 May 13

If your TV does not show a similar problem then it may well be a monitor issue. Is it possible to try another one?


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